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DofE Volunteering

We have lots of opportunities for you to get involved in changing the lives of young people for the better.

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If you're interested, please get in touch! There are a variety of roles in each DofE Centre - from equipment storesperson, helper on a day walk, or section assessor - there's something for everyone.

DofE Co-ordinators

These people setup and manage the DofE in a centre. If you become a Co-ordinator, you'll support your Leaders and oversee all groups.

DofE Leaders

Leaders are responsible for a DofE group. They lead, guide, inspire and encourage young people, agree their programme choices and approve their progress in eDofE.

DofE Assessors

Assessors check on a young person's progress and agree the completion of a section of their programme. You'll need knowledge of the activity they're doing and approve their progress and pictures in eDofE.

In the Expedition section, qualifying expeditions must be assessed by a competent adult who is approved by the Licensed Organisation and accredited by the DofE through the Expedition Assessor Accreditation Scheme.

DofE Supervisors

Supervisors are people with a good understanding of a participant's chosen activity. You'll help them set their goals and regularly meet with the young person to check on their progress, address any potential issues and adjust goals.

A Supervisor is essential for the Expedition section as they are responsible for supervising and supporting a team of participants to ensure their safety and well-being whilst they are doing their expedition.


Adults who can spare some time to help our DofE Leaders run a group can be a volunteer. You may give general support, i.e. admin, help run one section or give specific training.

Equipment Storesperson

Adults who can spare some time to help organise a DofE Centre's expedition kit store. You may give general support, i.e. sorting, making repairs, help book out equipment to groups, or show participants how to use it.



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